The Importance of Efficiency in Business

In global business, you frequently hear the term “efficiency” used in different settings. However, despite its common use, a lot of businesses don’t know how important it is as far as remaining competitive and their bottom line. Also, many businesses aren’t clear on how to truly achieve the efficiency they so often discuss.

There may be the idea that if a business is running along smoothly, it’s efficient but that’s not necessarily true. Efforts to improve efficiency often don’t arise until there is a problem that occurs, but it’s better to be proactive with efficiency initiatives.

The following are some things to understand about the importance of efficiency, and also how to promote a greater sense of efficiency.


If something can be managed through automation in a business, it should be. For example, consider invoice processing software. Invoice processing software is a form of automation that allows accounts payable to become more accurate and efficient. It reduces the likelihood of fraud, and it provides a sense of centralized visibility that’s inherently valuable if the objective is efficiency.

Automation, particularly with technology and software, reduces the amount of paper flowing through a business, and it allows employees to be more strategic with their work.

You’re also improving efficiency because there’s less focus on things like storing hard copy records.

When information needs to be sourced, the use of software makes this easy, and automation is an all-around win-win if the objective is efficiency.

In general, along with something specific like invoice processing software, the more you can automate everything financial, the better. This includes not only how invoices are paid, but general accounting, payroll and essentially anything requiring payments.

Provide Employees with Access to Information

This is something that can go along a bit with the concept above. Employees need consistent access to important and relevant information. Software is a good way to make this happen, but there are others as well.

Your employees need to be able to get relevant information quickly and easily when they need it. There’s so often a need-to-know idea surrounding business information, but businesses don’t account for what employees actually do need to know.

Provide Employees with On-the-Go Tools

Along with traditional software platforms, another place to look if you want to boost efficiency in business is your current mobile tools. You need to offer employees the mobile tools and capabilities that allow them to work from anywhere, and also source information from anywhere.

Your employees need not only information, but they also need to be able to quickly and easily communicate when they’re on-the-go.

Most modern employees work primarily from their mobile devices, even if they’re in the office. Do an audit of where you’re currently offering modern mobile tools, versus where you should be.

Finally, stop viewing employee training as something that happens as part of onboarding and then never again. Employees need to be frequently and regularly trained over time. Training your employees not only ensures they’re on top of their game, but it also indicates that you are willing to invest time and money into developing them and helping them progress in their careers.



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