Perks of Truck Wrap Advertising

When advertising is as confusing and fragmented as it is today, businesses need to understand the concept of ROI (return on investment) and what types of advertising will benefit them the most. Great advertising plans encompass a variety of marketing channels that include strategies to provide either high conversions or large volume consumer impressions. Vehicle wrap advertising can provide one of the highest volume consumer impression rates amongst all advertising channels including traditional and online.

What Is a Vehicle Wrap? 

Effective marketing wraps are designed in order to catch driver’s attention and provide instant brand marketing and targeted calls to action. This marketing is provided on a vinyl surface that is literally “wrapped” on any existing car, truck or other vehicle. These designs can often be mistaken for custom paint jobs yet are a lot less expensive and can be done quickly. 

How are they designed?

Like any other marketing effort, an effective truck wrap design is a consultative process between the client and the marketing professionals to provide an eye-catching brand marketing experience for consumers, while relaying the core marketing message. Proofs should be provided before final approval.

Are they effective?

The return on investment for vehicle wraps is one of the highest in all of advertising. Part of the reason is because the wrap lasts between 5 to 10 years providing consistent consumer impressions over a long period of time from a one time investment. Depending on the location of your business or how much your business vehicle travels throughout high-traffic areas daily consumer impressions can range from 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day. Fleet vehicles, company trucks and long-distance trucks are some of the best choices for truck wraps based on the constant traveling within your market.

What about marketing changes?
Even if your logo, telephone number or taglines change, these can be incorporated into wrap overlays in the future. This allows a cost-effective solution for minor changes to a vehicle wrap without having to fully wrap the vehicle again.

Can it be removed?

Yes the vehicle wrap can be removed but should be done by a professional so that the underlying paint is not damaged. This is usually done when your company wishes to sell a fleet vehicle and recoup as much value as possible.

Will the wrap damaged the vehicle?

No, the vehicle wrap will not damage the paint or the vehicle, as long as it is applied and removed by professional installers.

What are the Perks of a Truck Wrap?

As mentioned above the perks of a vehicle wrap include the ability to reach a large consumer audience for very little cost per impression. This type of advertising helps consumers have top of mind presence with your brand. Brand recognition is one of the top benefits of truck wraps. With the proper marketing message, they can also provide sales conversions through effective call to actions. By providing QR codes, simple website addresses and telephone numbers consumers are provided with immediate actionable links to your company. As a side benefit, the wrap also provides an added body protection to the vehicle being wrapped.

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