Sell More Impulse Items At Point-of-Purchase With Countertop Merchandisers

Increasing sales should be one of the top priorities for every business. Obviously, more sales mean more profits. Many times increasing the value of customer orders can be done by simply using smarter marketing such as selling impulse items. In order to sell more impulse items, they should be creatively placed and displayed near the point of purchase. A great way to do this is by using a counter rack or a counter spinner.

Specific Purpose:

Each counter display should have a specific purpose. If you have a wide range of additional or impulse items available for sale, then put some thought into how they might be best organized. These items can be grouped together according to a specific department (i.e. men, women, children). Or, you could even group them into categories. Depending on the size of your retail location, several departments or categories could go together on the same countertop display. If you have the space, it might even be possible to include several of these displays near each point of purchase location, further expanding the opportunity for additional impulse item sales.

Using Signage On Displays:

The whole point of these displays is to really catch the eye of the customer. One great way to do this is by using signs. They should be attractive and have a nice color scheme, but most of all, demand attention. Signs can also be informative and even educational in nature. After all, research has determined that the single most important factor for increasing purchases is to have customers spend more time in your store. Signs can also further the engagement process and create a more enjoyable customer experience.

Customize For Your Business:

Each business might have a different way of arranging or using their countertop displays. As an example, consider a supermarket. All of the candy and gum and small impulse items are almost always to the right. Then the magazines, papers, and other printed material are usually displayed to the left. They take advantage of all the space available. Consider how to best customize the available countertop space for your business.

One strong suggestion is to consider the type of customer that will be frequenting your business. When they walk up to the checkout counter, where will their eyes naturally go first? This is the best place to put your countertop display(s). Get something as close to the till or cash register as possible, since this is your last chance to make additional sales and increase the average customer order.

Staff Recommendations:

Another way to draw increased attention to your countertop displays is by using your staff more productively. Train them to direct customers to these displays. Even though we try to get them noticed through signage and additional marketing methods, sometimes customers can be in their own little world. Having a helpful associate point them in the right direction or offering a recommendation for a helpful impulse item that would go very well with their purchase can be an incredibly effective strategy.

Bottom Line:

Use a counter rack and put one or more of them near your point of purchase. Stock it full of the best impulse items you have and then do everything possible to draw attention to these displays. Even train your workers to direct customers to these displays. Following these pieces of advice will increase sales and profits.

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