Production Catering: Why Entertainment Industry Experience Matters

The entertainment industry has grown exponentially in the past two decades as technology allows moviemakers and television directors to create more elaborate and lavish productions. However, a complicated production requires many different people to make it happen, and this includes not only the actors and the camera crew but also makeup and hair crews, set builders, a number of assistants, and many others. While some productions rely on a craft service to feed their hungry crew during the day, having an experienced production catering service on set will feed a large crew with more ease and offer top-notch service and a wide array of menu choices diverse enough to satisfy everyone on set.

Expert Production Catering Allows Filming to Run Smoothly

When an experienced production catering company is on set, feeding a large crew becomes easier and more efficient, and this is important in an industry where time is money. Many television and movie schedules are extremely rigorous, and even commercials have a shooting schedule that their directors must stick to in order to keep from losing money. A production catering company’s employees have the experience and know-how to set up quickly, serve a large number of people efficiently, and then break down the tables after the meal so that everyone involved in the production can get back to the set on time.

Experienced production catering employees are also extremely professional during their time on set. They are trained to smile, serve, and give everyone on set the kind of respect that’s expected from this type of professional service. Hungry actors and the rest of the crew will return to the set well-fed and happy, ready to resume shooting with the kind of renewed vigor that comes from experiencing a quality meal that is served with a high level of professionalism.

Production Catering Offers More Menu Choices

While a craft service offers a selection of snacks and beverages to those on set, this isn’t the best food option for a large film or television production. Having a large number of people on set means a wide range of tastes, diet restrictions, and idealism, and an L.A. production catering service will have the kind of ability and experience that is needed to feed a diverse group of people. From vegetarian and vegan selections to more hearty meat selections, side dishes, and even desserts, production catering can provide everyone on set with a hot and fresh sit-down meal that will satisfy even the most finicky eater.

Because many people in Los Angeles, for example, are health conscious, particularly actors who have to be aware of their weight and appearance, many Los Angeles catering services in the area offer healthy choices such as fresh salads, tofu plates, and low-calorie grilled menus that are both delicious and satisfying. This offers a great advantage over most crafting services, as their selections are usually limited to high-carb foods like cookies, pastries, and other foods that will usually cause people to have a mid-afternoon sugar crash. Thanks to the wide array of menu choices that are offered by a professional production catering company, actors will have a number of dishes to choose from that will leave them feeling energized for the rest of the day’s shooting.

Not all catering services are created equal, and only a professional production catering company can offer the kind of service and menu choices that will leave every single person on set feeling satisfied. In many ways, the production catering company that a studio chooses will be a factor in any production’s success when it comes to keeping things on track with efficient services and quality food.

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