How to Increase the Security of Your Construction Site

If you are in the process of building your business literally from the ground up, then you know very well that you have a construction site to contend with. And nowadays, construction sites are often a magnet for thieves and intruders who want an easy way to infiltrate your business premises. Think about it: Rather than going through the hassle of picking locks and prying windows open, burglars can easily enter a construction site and do away with all sorts of materials imaginable – from wood and lumber to light fixtures and hardware, and even carpentry tools.


However, to lessen any security issues you may encounter on your construction site, there are certain things you can do. Below are a few:

Make regular visits and inspections


Even if you are too busy to be at the construction site every single day, it pays to make it a point to visit the site a few times each week, preferably without informing the contractor or builder beforehand. These unscheduled site visits will let everyone know that you are still in control and will tell you if the crew is particularly mindful of the tools they are working with and are careful to keep them in good condition. Regular visits also discourage anyone from contemplating any chicanery, because they never know when you might decide to drop by.


Increase security for the construction site’s entrance


During the day, your construction site’s security may be compromised because you never know who is part of the crew or not. In order to avoid this, give clear instructions to the construction manager or contractor not to let anyone who does not have anything to do with the construction inside. Perhaps the crew can wear uniforms and overalls, or ID cards that identify who they are. Loiterers should be discouraged at all times, even when they seem quite harmless.


Do an inventory of all items on the construction site


The risk of theft becomes even higher when the construction project is going through its last stages. This is when there are fixtures to be installed, extra wood or lumber lying around, and more. At this point, and even before the latter part of the project, do an inventory of every item that is on the premises – from the smallest hardware fixtures to prefabricated wood. Doing this will enable you to determine right away if anything is missing.


Reinforce your fencing


Business premises which are under construction are equipped with fencing, but you can reinforce the “no loitering” rule by installing signs around the perimeter of your premises informing everyone that it is private property and cannot be trespassed. This is quite an effective deterrent for individuals who may have something up their sleeve.


Install a security alarm


The best way to improve security on your construction site is to install a security system. Go for one which is flexible and which can be removed and reinstalled very easily. It is also a good idea to look for a construction site security system which is highly advanced, with dual-optic detectors which are designed not to go off with disturbances from animals and the weather. Also, look for a security system which can be accessed and controlled remotely, wherever you are.


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