A review of ADSS for institutional traders (UPDATED JANUARY 2024)

This is a review of UAE-headquartered and regulated broker ADSS. All information is accurate as of January 2024. Any financial commentary in this review should not be construed as financial advice.

ADSS is an award-winning global financial services company that operates as a broker. They cater to a range of clients, from beginner retail traders to experienced professionals. Founded in 2011, theyare located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where they are regulated and authorised by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) for OTC derivatives contracts and the forex spot markets.

In this review of ADSS, we will discuss their offerings (trading instruments, products, and markets), features for institutional traders, and the platforms that are offered (MT4, as well as their proprietary trading platform). To learn more about the broker, you can visit their website. You can also read peer reviews of ADSS to examine their features in full.

Is ADSS secure?

The security of a broker can be reviewed through their licensing and compliance with financial regulators in their region and regions in which they operate. ADSS is based in the UAE and is regulated and authorised by the SCA as a trading broker. The broker has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, and the company is registered with the Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi.

ADSS has a full list of its licensing and

The services of ADSS

For retail traders, ADSS provides a comprehensive range of services and products. Institutional traders enjoy the same benefits, and more. But first, let us examine the broker’s product offerings. One of the standout features is that ADSS does not charge commissions on trades. This is a huge advantage – and not one that is offered by many other brokers.

ADSS as an execution-only broker

ADSS is first and foremost an execution-only broker, and they do not provide financial advice (they may publish general market commentary from time to time, but the material does not constitute as advice).

They offer Over the Counter (OTC) derivatives contracts – CFDs in particular, on forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. They do not offer ETF trading, but they do offer on the spot forex trading.

  • Forex trading

ADSS offers spot trading and CFD trading of currency pairs. There are over 60 currency pairs, covering major and minor currencies. This is a comprehensive set, and traders can use up to 500:1 leverage.

  • Stock CFDs

CFDs on global and GCC stocks are available, across industries. Access to major stock exchanges is a standard for most brokers, and as ADSS is based in the UAE, they also provide a good entry point for traders into the stock markets within the GCC region.

  • Index CFDs

CFDs on indices from the US to Europe and Asia are tradable, with leverage of up to 333:1. Again, ADSS provides exposure to leading global exchanges, from the DIJA to the FTSE 100.

  • Commodity CFDs

ADSS offers CFDs on spot commodities and futures. This includes precious metals such as gold and platinum, agricultural products such as wheat, corn, and coca, and energy commodities such as oil – and trades are by whole tick movement. Leverage is available as a range. For example, for platinum, leverage is available from 14:1, wheat 10:1,and sugar 20:1.

As leverage varies depending on underlying set for commodities, it is best to refer to the market information sheet that is available on ADSS’ website. The figures are accurate as of January 2024.

  • Crypto CFDs

CFDs on four cryptocurrencies are available – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Trading is done through their trading platform, so there is no need to open an online wallet. Funds are secure and not transferred to unregulated crypto exchanges, and access to trading is available 24/5.

Note: Crypto CFD trading is a high-risk activity and most traders lose money.

Trading platforms available

ADSS offers two trading platforms – MT4 and their proprietary, ADSS trading platform.The MT4 platform connects traders – both retail and institutional – to multiple sources of regional liquidity to ensure fast execution, and it comes with the customisable charting, navigational, and monitoring features that Meta Trader is so famous for.

The ADSS platform offers a user-friendly and modern interface, with one-click charting and precise deal tickets for order entries. The platform is available on desktop and on mobile (both iOS and Android). Peer reviews have been positive for the ADSS trading platform, stating it is suitable for beginner and intermediate traders because of its intuitive interface. Advanced traders are recommended to trade with MT4, but to be cautioned that Crypto CFDs are not available on this platform.

Added value for institutional traders

What sets ADSS’ services apart for institutional traders are their prime brokerage services. ADSS offers white labelling, a deeper, multilayer liquidity pool, and various margin solutions.

White labelling solutions

Institutions that wish to reduce bottom-line costs can work with ADSS as a partner on various white label solutions, such as the trading platform and customisable branding materials. The white labelled platform is securely hosted within the ADSS’ infrastructure, and institutions can offer their clients existing financial resources.

Along with the use of the platform, ADSS also offers simple client on boarding, administration, and back-office applications. Institutional clients can work with ADSS to repackage their services while offering excellent client support, because of advanced monitoring capabilities such as multi-device accessibility and extensive trade histories.

Deeper, multilayer liquidity pool

ADSS works with over 30 sources of liquidity available through their trading platform. Retail traders typically benefit from this feature. Institutional traders can optimise their experience with lower latency, and with a deeper liquidity pool, they can also execute trades with higher levels of flexibility.

ADSS’s global liquidity network includes PrimeXM, Gold-I, Lucera, Fastmatch, TraderTools, One-Zero, Currenex, and First Derivatives.

Hosting and colocation

The low-latency infrastructure ADSS offers for institutional investors includes close partnerships with data centres in London (LD4) and New York (NY4). This results in a lower likelihood of experiencing slippage when entering and exiting the markets.

Margin solutions

Institutional clients of ADSS can manage their own clients’ use of capital using leverage with a Net Open Position (NOP) line, specifically for trading on a case-by-case basis.

Is ADSS a good broker for institutional traders?

Overall, the answer is yes. ADSS is a solid broker for both retail and institutional traders – and provides added value for the latter group with its bespoke solutions. Other features of the broker include an excellent economic calendar, educational content in both English and Arabic, and 24/5 customer service responsiveness in multiple languages.


What is institutional trading?

Institutional trading is the buying and selling of financial securities on behalf of institutional investors. These investors include hedge funds, retail banks, and mutual funds. The main thing that sets institutional trading apart from retail trading is trading volume. Institutional traders typically trade a much larger volume of securities than retail traders, as they trade with funds pooled together by other investors or a large institution.


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