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Super Ball Games

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! In my house, the boys will be gathered around the TV all day, and I'll be watching commercials and catching up on a few projects. (Yay for football!)

In the sporty spirit, here are a few fun literacy ideas for the ball players in your house.

Sight Word Super Ball: Type up your child's sight words or difficult-to-master spelling words and stick them on an old ball. (Or just write them with a permanent marker.) Play a game of catch. Each catcher says the word closest to his thumb. His partner spells the word. Continue until lots of words are caught and spelled!

*Note: In retrospect I shouldn't have chosen a ball with holes. (It quickly became hard/annoying to find spots to stick words.) Since my kids would have freaked if I covered their Seahawks ball in spelling words, this old, unloved ball at the bottom of our ball bin had to do the trick. :)

Also try these super ideas...
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Have a super day!