Wintertime Clipart Book

I have a bit of a clipart obsession. Besides the normal use, it's awesome for kid projects, like this little winter book...

  • Step 1: Insert clipart of your choice in a blank document. (I used Microsoft Word.) Print.
  • Step 2: If kiddos are old enough, they can cut out the images themselves.
  • Step 3: Ask your child to make up a story about them. Play with them as long as you like. If playing is too much fun, maybe print two copies.
  • Step 4: Glue the clipart down in a blank book and write the story, as dictated by your child.
*Folded paper works great for blank books. The one in my example is a Bare Book because my son happens to know that I have a big box full of them, and he thinks they make book writing extra fun.

The clipart we used here came from Microsoft Word, Ashley Hughes, Erin Bradley and ReviDevi. *Most were free.

We've done this same kind of book with these adorable Kiddie Cut-Outs from the Children Inspire Design blog, and we've also used stickers and Star Wars Lego, ninja and Power Ranger images. -Whatever the kids are into at the moment obviously works best.

If you can't find the clipart you like for free, check Teachers Pay Teachers and MyGrafico Arts & Crafts. I like purchasing from those spots because the sets are small and affordable, and you can download instantly. MyGrafico also has frequent sales, so you'll want to sign up for their newsletter to learn when different designer's products go on sale.

Happy clipping! :)
What are your favorite clipart sources?
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