I Love Book Love

As you can tell from my catchy title, I have a new love! Book Love is a brand new book, by Melissa Taylor, that has quickly made it to my short list of favorite resources for parents.

Do you have a child who is reluctant to read?
Does your child think reading is boring? Or tricky? Is it hard to sit still long enough to enjoy a book?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, Book Love will help!

Book Love is a resource for parents to help us raise kids who love to read. I love it because...
  1. Like me, Melissa believes that learning to read and write should be a fun process, and the secret to insuring a lifetime love for literacy is all about finding the right little hooks for your child. Not all children are the same, and reluctant readers are reluctant for different reasons. This book helps us discover the hooks that we can use to instill a passion for reading in our own unique kiddos.
  2. It's quick. Let's face it, there is a lot of helpful information floating around, but these days, if I can't read it and learn at ton in one sitting, I'm inclined to put off reading it or forget about it entirely. Book Love is a fast read. You can sit down with your cup of tea, zoom through the book, and stand up with a plan of action ready to help your reluctant reader.
  3. It's so practical. Not a lot of research and theory here. It's all about identifying the reasons a child is reluctant to read, and moving quickly to the solutions. (Oh, and it's written in a way that doesn't make you feel dumb about not already knowing those solutions.)
  4. It's well organized. Remember I said it was a quick read? It is! But once you read and make a plan, you're going to want to refer back to the enormous list of activity ideas, resource links and printables as you work with your child. The book is organized so you can find what your need quickly and get back to loving books with your child.
Click here to order the e-book version of Book Love, and to get information on special bonuses and giveaways to celebrate launch week.

You are probably familiar with Melissa Taylor, by the way. She writes at Imagination Soup, where she shares practical advice and playful ideas to help parents raise kids who love to read.
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