Collage Art Creations

I love collage art! A few weeks ago, while I brushing someone's teeth, and admiring some Children Inspire Design prints hanging in our bathroom, I remembered how much fun it is to make collage art with kids.

Collage art is easy and manageable for kids of all ages and artistic abilities. It's especially awesome for those who don't think they're good at drawing because it takes the pressure off. They can just focus on combining pieces until it looks cool, and in the process, they learn new ways to combine shapes to make familiar objects. It helps them become better at drawing because if they see that they can make a square and a triangle-shaped paper scrap look like a house, they can also combine the same shapes the next time they want to draw a house.

It's excellent fine motor work because of the cutting and manipulating involved. Plus it's super fun! In fact, I can spend hours on it myself!

When I was teaching, we also used shapes to make collage art story illustrations.  
You can find a free classroom-friendly version of that activity here.
(It's also great for homeschooling, or for a fun family learning activity at home!)

Shape-a-Story is art, storytelling, reading skills and writing all pieced together.
Here's how it works...
  • Kids examine the various shapes and think about how they could combine them to make pictures to tell a story.
  • They can plan a story using the included "think sheet" story planner.
  • They use the shapes to create illustrations to represent each part of their story. They can lay the shapes out on a story mat as a center activity, then draw similar illustrations on their own paper, OR cut their own set of shapes and glue pieces in the illustration area of their writing paper.
  • After they have completed the pictures, they can tell their story orally to a friend, and/or write their story in the Shape-a-Story booklet provided.
  • Summary questions are also provided to encourage students to make connections between their illustrations and the story.

When we do this at home, I usually just pull out my giant collection of paper scraps and let the kids snip and glue. If you don't have a scrap pile, you can just cut up the fall-themed shapes in this packet, or print the black and white versions on your own patterned paper. If you want, you can use the included story mats and think sheets. If not, just play with the shapes and have fun!

Want more collage art activities and decor ideas? Here you go! If you have a favorite collage art project, let me know and I'll link to it on my Crazy for Collage Pinterest Board.

Have fun shaping some masterpieces!

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