Back-to-School and Butterflies

Helloooo! I'm back! It's been a super relaxing summer, and now it's just about that time...

I don't know about you, but I always have mixed feelings about sending my kiddos back. As a teacher, I LOVED this time of year. Fresh pencils, fresh faces, fresh ideas...exciting! As a parent, I also love the excitement, and I'm definitely looking forward to a few hours of "me" time, but I always develop a major case of butterflies as we gear up to meet teachers and send our kids off to spend the better part of their days at school.

Making lists always helps me chillax. It also helps me clarify what I consider to be super important, and therefore worth working hard on to make happen.

So here is my official back-to-school wish list:
I'm crossing my fingers and toes for...

  1. A preschool teacher that helps our newest little student remain as excited as he is now to strap on his outer space backpack and head off to school like his big brothers. I also hope that teacher has some magical tips to get him to aim correctly into the potty. Just kidding...We have two weeks and I'm sure he'll have it figured out by then. And yes, I know that's not the preschool teacher's job. :)
  2. A first grade teacher that makes learning REALLY fun!
  3. A third grade teacher that takes time to get to know (and love) each and every student, even the silent worrier types.
  4. An organized morning routine that will make it more likely for us to arrive at school on time, with our shirts on right-side-out, underwear on, and library books in tow.
  5. Three curious, enthusiastic, ready-to-learn, boys heading off to classrooms where they will learn everything they need to know, challenge themselves, understand themselves and appreciate the awesomeness in themselves.

I realize I don't have full control over all of those wishes. I can't pick my kids teachers or absolutely guarantee that my kids will head off to school with a happy attitude. I can make sure I do my best to prepare my kids for the upcoming year, and help them make personally meaningful goals so they feel motivated to learn. I can make sure I know what's happening in school, and work cooperatively with the teachers to help them understand what my kids really need from them. I can support my kids' learning through fun practice and enrichment at home. And yes, I can get up ten minutes earlier, (sigh), and get that morning routine under control.

Here are some of my favorite resources to set the tone for a great year, and to help ease back-to-school butterflies for worrying parents and nervous kids:

By the way, if you'd like to make your own back to school banner like mine, you can click here or here for two options.

What's on your wish list for the upcoming school year?
What are your best tips to turn your wishes into reality?

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