Alphabet Summer!

So, it's not technically summer yet, but Memorial Day weekend always seems like the time to get my summer plans in order. We still have a few more weeks before school gets out. (I know lots of you lucky ducks are already sitting by the pool. I'm jealous!)

I'm really looking forward to the relaxed pace of lunches to pack, no homework.  Well, actually we do need to do a little homework, but the fun part about summer is getting to pick enjoyable and creative activities to keep those brains sharp. -Activities that feel more like home-fun and less like homework.

Each year, we do Alphabet Summer. It's an A-Z bucket list of fun summer activities and skill review. The idea is to add just a little structure to our otherwise unstructured summer. To build in those important summertime plans that we don't want to forget and to make sure we spend time each week reviewing skills and concepts so the kiddos are ready to hit the ground running next fall.

If you've read this blog for a while, you've heard all about Alphabet Summer. We change it up every year but the basic plan is to work though the alphabet a few letters each week. On each letter day we go someplace and/or make something that relates to the letter of the day, and we also read, write and review some school skills that go along with the letter.

Want to plan your own Alphabet Summer?

You can see our bucket list from last year here. And here is a link to a free Alphabet Adventure Journal. And if you click on this link, you can scroll back through all past Alphabet Summer posts and learn about the different variations. We've done this for several years now, and it's evolved over time based on my kids interests and abilities.

You can also find my Alphabet Summer Pack on sale through May 31 for 20% off on TpT. This packet includes my A-Z Math Activity Cards and two journal styles to choose from. (One is a reformatted version of the free Alphabet Adventure Journal above.--Same idea, just a different style that doesn't include as much cutting.) It also includes a summer goal setting sheet, and a parent guide with an Alphabet Summer Planning Calendar, a bucket list of fun activity ideas like the one here, an A-Z reading list and places to go that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

This year, we've joined the Happy Family Movement Summer Bucket List Challenge. Maybe we'll win a cool prize?!

(image source)
I also love this idea for DIY Summer Camps! (Small Types is featured--Woohoo!)

Want to kick off summer with a little celebration banner like the one above? You can hop over and grab it for free right here. You can also download the entire alphabet and create a banner that says something else. (Click here.)  I shared this idea last week on a really cool new site, Classroom DIY. If you're a teacher, this site might just be your new fave!

Oh, and for the Seattle area peeps, watch for my list of local A-Z summertime spots on the Savvy Source this Thursday.

By the way, do you think I'm obsessed with this A-Z stuff?

Now if we could just get some awesome summer weather... Please do me a favor and keep your fingers crossed for blue skies in the Pacific Northwest!
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