Yay for Spring!

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and even though it's snowing as I type, (totally weird for the Pacific Northwest), I'm ignoring the snow and concentrating on the calendar.

Looking for some springtime literacy fun? Here are some old favorites:
Roll-a-Word Bead Caterpillars, "Taped" Bunny Book, bunny window decals
Spring Break Alpha-Quest
Easter Letter Art
Shadow Stories
Letter Rocks
Our favorite bunny books

The other day, my three year old asked me to get out the "book making stuff" so he could make another bunny book. Isn't it fun when your kids start to read and write just because they want to?!

This year, I'd like to try these cute thumbprint Easter cards from Red Ted Art with my little one.
And speaking of Easter, here are about a million (25 actually) Easter ideas from NurtureStore. They all look fun and adorable!

I love this list of books that celebrate spring. (From The Book Diaries.) #7 on her list is one of our new family favorites!

By the way, I'll be back Monday. -No Friday post this week, so if you want to link up or check out the Weekly Kid's Co-op, you can visit any of the other participating bloggers.

Happy Spring! 
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