Yarn Books

As I mentioned last week, we've been goofing around with yarn lately. I was inspired by another cool creative challenge. (This one is over at NurtureStore, as part of the Kids Art Explorers series.)

When I asked my three year old what we could do with the pile of yarn I put on the table, his first question was, "Where's the glue?" (Glue is an essential project-time element for him.) Once I got him some glue and paper, he made lots of glue and yarn masterpieces. Then he wanted to make a J since it's "his letter." I drew the J in glue and he stuck the yarn on it. Then he wanted to make the rest of the letters. Technically he got sick of sticking the yarn on after about one third of the letters, but he was very determined that "we" finish the whole alphabet. He named off letters for me to make until we had a full alphabet made of yarn. Add some binder rings and it makes a pretty adorable little abc book, right?

Slightly older kids could totally handle the whole alphabet, and they could even make yarn illustrations to go with each letter. It's a great way for kids to think about letter formation, plus arranging the yarn is excellent fine motor work.

Giving kids a random material and asking what they can make with it is about as simple as it gets, but these are the kinds of activities that always turn into totally engrossing, engaging project time. Best of all, it's so fun to see how different kids tackle creative challenges. My five year old used the same pile of yarn for a Lego prop, and my three year old niece needed some scissors because, "That yarn needs a haircut!" By the way, this is the same sweet niece who told me (very politely) that my hair was looking kind of ratty, so maybe I could use a bath. Obviously she's into grooming these days!

What are your favorite yarn projects? If you want to show them off, be sure to link up over at NutureStore!

Have a great week!
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