The Twelve Days of Christmas

We have twelve boxes left on our Christmas countdown calendar, so now of course I have that song stuck in my head. On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me... The trouble is that I actually don't ever remember the words, so I only make it to five gold rings. Anyway, I'm so excited because I just read about a fun Twelve Days of Christmas idea from a smart fourth grade teacher/blogger, Lorraine Vasquez. I can't wait to try a version of it with my own kids.

By the way, I think the song is really referring to the days after Christmas, so you could do this now or wait and extend the holiday fun. 

(This cute print, via Sweet Somethings would help me remember the lyrics!)

 Here's the plan:
  • If you live in Texas, read this book. (They have a version for the other states too.) We don't have one, so we're just reading a standard version that we happen to have on hand.  It would also work to just sing the song. Be sure to Google the words so you don't end up like me with the five gold rings.
  • Then, like Lorraine's class, have the kiddies brainstorm their own brand new version.  I really like The Twelve Days of Star Wars idea but I'm guessing my boys will probably go with The Twelve Days of Harry Potter this year, or maybe a sports themed version. (And like everything else around here, someone will probably suggest a potty themed idea at some point.)
  • We'll probably just use this idea for discussion on the ride home from school or over dinner tonight, but if the kids really get into it, it would be a fun book making project as well.

If you try it, I'd love to hear what your family comes up with!
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