Have Fun and Stay Sharp: Summer Link List

Summer is here!  (Well, almost.)  What are your plans?

We plan to (1) goof around as much as possible, and (2) do our best to avoid forgetting everything learned over the school year.

Are you still putting together your summer agenda?  These links might help:

Have a playful summer! Playtime is not just fun, it's essential for learning and development. Visit the Classic Play "Playvolution Library" to get schooled on the power of play.

You already know this, but I can't leave it out...One of the best things we can all do all summer long to prevent the summer slump is to read to our kids.  Want to use read-aloud time to teach/model/review the most important reading skills in a fun way? Don't miss this new series on Teach Mama called Learning During Read-Alouds.

Teach Mama, Amy Mascott, has also put together a fabulous summertime e-book with contributions from many We Teach members. (Including me! Yippee!) You'll find over 25 ideas for creative summer learning.  It's free for all members of We Teach, so if you're not already a member, you really should be!  We Teach is one of my favorite online communities, and it's open to everyone who teaches, in or out of the classroom. 

Schedule in some time to exercise those creative thinking muscles this summer. Need some motivation? This free download from Not Just Cute tells us why it's so important to help our kids develop creative thinking ability.

As usual, Pinterest is loaded with inspiration!  I'm loving all the summer bucket lists floating around. Here are my summertime faves.

Finally, whether you're going on a road trip, or stay-cationing around your own town, don't forget to print your copy of Read and Write on Road!

Have a great day!  And for some specifics on what we'll be up to this summer, come back Friday.  I'd love to hear about your plans too!
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