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Cursive Crush

Here's something you probably don't hear every day...Today I'm in the mood for a little cursive.

Since I'm no longer a third grade teacher, and since my kids are 2, 5, and 7 and haven't learned about cursive yet, and since I do most of my non-kid writing these days with the help of a keyboard, cursive just isn't so much a part of my life anymore.  In fact, I kind of miss it.

Do you need some more cursive in your life?  I particularly like these penmanship inspired picks...

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Penmanship Pillow from Shop Dirtsa: Customize your words!

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Congratulations card from The Spotted Sparrow: Perfect for your favorite graduate.

(image source)
Thank You cards from Oh So Good: Perfect for your favorite teacher.

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Wedding Engagement Hoop from Ruggles Stitch:  Perfect for your favorite couple.

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Or how about some cursive furniture:  Make this lovely DIY headboard!

Now I'm off to find a pen and a notebook so I can write some loopy letters.

Happy Wednesday!