The Important Thing About...

The other day, we read The Important Book, by Margaret Wise Brown. Then we named "the important thing" about pretty much everything we could think of.  Deciding which trait is most important is so subjective, which lead us to lots of interesting conversation and debate.

For teachers, this would be a great way to begin descriptive writing lessons.  It's a fun challenge to think about how to describe something in terms of it's most important characteristics. We especially had fun trying to describe ourselves.  It made us all take a minute to think about what is truly important, and to prioritize.  For example, is the most important thing about Charlie, that he likes tacos, or that he is a good friend? -Such important things to think about!

Which books inspire your family think and discuss the important things?

By the way, we're about to head out on our two week adventure and I won't be computing much while I'm gone. I do have a few posts scheduled, and as always, I LOVE to read your comments!  (I promise to respond when I get back!)

And if you're curious, here are some important things to know about my destination...
  • It takes 20 hours to drive there from here.  One way.  I may have mentioned that. :) 
  • It is really windy and flat.
  • There is plenty of sagebrush, plenty of livestock, and not many people or trees.
  • And the most important things are...It's my hometown, my favorite place, and we'll be visiting our family, so it will be fabulous!
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