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I have a new store! Educents has just rolled out their new marketplace feature, so now along with the usual great flash deals on educational products, you can shop at individual storefronts any time!

Small Types is my latest line of printables for home and school. It's a small collection of fun and easy-to-use literacy resources meant to inspire creativity and critical thinking through reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Hop over and check it out! I've posted one of my all-time favorite freebies, so you can grab that one while you're looking around.

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Educents Marketplace $50 in Edubucks Giveaway #3 - Second Grade Stores

Small Types: The Store!

Psst...I'm excited to share my newest project with you! Small Types is a new line of printable literacy packets for kids. Each theme-based kit includes resources to inspire creativity, critical thinking and curiosity through reading, writing, speaking and listening activities.

Small Types kits contain a little collection of simple and flexible literacy activities, equally suited for home learning time or for center time at school.

You can shop Small Types on my brand new Educents storefront. I'll also post more details here soon. My store is growing, so be sure to check back often for updates!

A New Literacy-Rich Home

Small Types is moving! Kind of. Technically the older Small Types blog posts will still be here in the archives but from now on I'll be showing off my new literacy printables on this site, and you can find simple ideas to build literacy-rich homes over at my blog, Home Literacy Blueprint. So basically, it's still me writing about literacy and making literacy printables, but now the printable info is here and the current blog posts are at!

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At Home Literacy Blueprint you'll find...
  • Quick conversation starters to inspire kids to discuss and reflect on reading and writing.
  • Short activities to reinforce literacy learning at home, organized by skills and stages of literacy development so you can easily find ideas to try with your child.
  • Fun resources to extend and enrich literacy knowledge.
  • Ideas to help families incorporate literacy into everyday routines.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope to see you over at my new digs!

Rockstar Authors

Does your family watch singing talent shows like American Idol or The Voice? My son had the idea to do a rockstar author competition.

We're reading several rounds of books by six of our favorite authors. After each reading session we vote one author off. It's SUPER hard for me to let my kids vote someone like Mo Willems off the island, but it's their game and they're reading, so it's all good.

We started by gathering books written by some of our favorite children's book authors: Peter Brown, Mathew and Jennifer Holm, Oliver Jeffers, Jon Scieszka, Dr. Seuss, and Mo Willems. The boys each picked two. To "meet" our authors, we watched some video clips and book trailers on YouTube. (Isn't Oliver Jeffers the cutest?) We made a little checklist to help us decide how to vote. (See above.) Then we read a book from each author, voted someone off and pretended to be authors and judges, delivering the results in a very dramatic "show" in the living room.

I'll be honest, the discussion and voting is really pretty random and subjective. (He's too old. I've read those books too many times. This book is about a bear and I don't like bears.) Also, we're comparing apples to oranges. (Beginner books, graphic novels, etc.) But that's ok. It's an authentic, kid-inspired reason to read and re-read some new titles and old favorites, so it's a success in my book.

So far, I'm sad to report that Jennifer and Matthew Holm got booted off first, followed by Mo Willems. (What?! Crazy, right?) Who will be next? Beats me, but I know I'll enjoy watching my young book critics figure it out.
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